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Heero our humble warrior is an inter-dimensional space traveler, planet hopper and spy on-the-move. As he travel across planets, time and space, he takes selfies of himself and make them into his NFT collection.

He always indulge himself in danger, fun, crazy and exotic chaotic situations. As an adventurer, he always disguise himself to move around in secret and may even have a job! :)

Join us in the Heero adventure today!


Heero will start the journey in stepping stones. He has his grand ideas of adventures and will be updating as he travels to different planets, dimension and time. He may be the mastermind for a crypto trading bot or even end up in the metaverse, who knows?!
Designing and preparing for Heero NFT collections
Approaching Dimension Z

Publish Warriors and Fun theme.

Heero will debut as a solo character. See him in his outfits as he moves around the planet.
Entering portal to Planet M

Heero meets monsters and zombies. He will try to blend in to the surrounding.

Heero may make some new friends and have a party!
Travel back in time to 1970s

Heero and party looking forward into styling up in the olden days cosmetics and dressing!

Are you ready for
To the future and beyond

We are looking into launching a crypto trading bot and potentially into metaverse for our avatars :)

Be part of the collective!

news and events

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We are planning some interesting events prior to launch date. Keep checking for updates :)
  • 2Q22 | Official launch will be on 16th May 2022

    We will be officially launching in OpenSea. We will run the whitelisting event 1 week prior to the launch date. Stay tune for more details :)
  • 2Q22 | Discord launch for Heero Party! Yay!

    Check out our whitelisting event in our Discord server, under #announcement and see how you can be part of the privileged whitelisted group.
  • 2Q22 | Share and tag for a chance to be part of our privileged whitelisted group

    Share and tag us in Twitter and Instagram! The 35 Instagram users and 35 Twitter users will randomly chosen and will be eligible for our whitelisting event :) More details will be provided through our Twitter and Instagram account.
  • 2Q22 | Lucky draw event for free NFT!

    Heero and party will plan a lucky draw event for free NFT giveaway! 10 lucky randomly chosen winners will be chosen.
    More details will be provided through our Twitter and Instagram account.
  • 3Q22 | Draw your favorite theme event

    Heero would love to hear your favorite theme and ideas for his next adventure! More details on the drawing competition and prizes.


Will be officially available soon on 16th May 2022

Purchase from the largest NFT exchange market, OpenSea!


Where can I purchase Heero NFT ?

You can purchase the NFT directly from our store in OpenSea!

How many unique NFT are there ?

Currently we will published 3000 NFT base on the current theme. We plan to release more base on different themes as Heero travels to other planets or time.

Is it available in other NFT marketplace ?

Currently we are only focusing in OpenSea as it is the best and biggest NFT marketplace at the moment and you being an owner have the best exposure for collectibles and re-sale value!

How much is the NFT ?

The initial sale price for Heero is 0.07 ETH. Owners are free to list / trade for any prices. Royalty fee is set at 10%

Further enquiries ?

You can send your questions and enquiries or just share ideas in our Discord channel!


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